Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update to water damage

Well went up to house and my pm is cutting out all the drywall that got wet ( the drywall guys left the windows open) and rain from the hurricane we had this past weekend got in. Who leaves windows open even just a little if a hurricane is comming? Hello ! They are also replacing the fireplace that got wet too. And rain got in through that as well, through fireplace vent and leaked down walls to basement ( see pictures from earlier posts) after all wet drywall and  insulation is taking out They will spray for mold just in case , and get a certification from a mold inspection company . I am still uneasy about all this but it seems like they are trying to make it right.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Water got in basement as well

Not sure if this is from upstairs or got in through basement either way not happy

More pics of water damage

Horrified water damage !!!!!

Hurricane Irene hit east coast and Went up to house today to find this.......... We don't know what to do. Mold !!!?????? Leaks in basement ????? Water around fireplace. I e-mailed p.m for answers waiting to hear back more pics to follow

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pre drywall meeting

Had our pre drywall mtg yesterday everything looked good , they should start drywall next week and we are due to close first week of oct .

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Important news!!!

Hey guys got some interesting news from my pm today he told me that energy star just started a new program that from now on any new homes to be energy star certified get a high efficiency GAS water heater !!!!! Standard !!!!!! What does this mean ? It means that Ryan has been putting in electric water heaters and if you wanted to upgrade to a high efficiency gas it would cost you extra. Our home a venice was a extra 950.00 now it is standard it comes with it !!!!! So we are getting the gas one for free !!!!! Best part about it is we were back in forth on whether or not to add it when we did our options but decided not to but now it's part of the energy star home program and is free !!!!! Saved us almost a grand !!!! So all new energy star homes will now get it. We just made the cut by the skin of our teeth because they started our hvac today !!! So anyone who has not got there hvac work started ask you pm about it !!!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


We went up to the house Saturday and they had put the roof on I climbed up a hill across the street to get a birds eye view of our little corner of the world

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bathroom tile

I have noticed in the models the tile in the bathrooms goes all the way to the ceiling ( which is said to make room look bigger) but on most peoples blogs it stops 3/4 way up has anyone else noticed this ? I like the tile all the way up see photo below this is model

Monday, August 8, 2011


Well we locked in ! 4.25% we are due to close on 10/7 so we are 60 days out to the day ,it was a roll of the dice a little because if we don't close by 10/7 we would have to pay a .25 % point to extend so if there are any delays it will cost us that .25 point. Our pm is great so I know he will get us done . So why didn't we wait a couple weeks to play it safe you ask ? ... Well #1 with all the bs going on with the country's aaa credit score rating and the stock market going crazy we wanted that 4.25 and it may go up to 4.5 or higher . #2 we get 1.375 discount point !!!! What does that mean ( because I didn't know until today ) is Nvr gives you 1.375% towards your loan for closing , it goes up and down from day to day the discount point so now at 1.375 it's the highest it's been in awhile so if we do have to extend the .25 for the extension will just come off the 1.375 so that's why we locked in worst case we lose that 1/4 point for closing best case we close on time and good to go. But what if we waited rate went to 4.5 and discount point dropped to 3/4 then we lose out so this seemed like best bet !!!! Now we can relax

Monday, August 1, 2011

surround speakers-pre wire ?

Hello everyone has anyone got the surround pre-wire with guardian not the speaker package just the pre-wire if so can you post some pics because I would like to see how where it comes out of the wall looks. I currently have some klipsch speakers bout 5x2 that I can mount but thinking bout maybe buying my own in wall or in ceiling speakers to go with the pre-wire ( I think guardians price was way to high) that why I only went with the pre-wire so if any one has any pics or has it on their blog please direct me to the blog thanks