Sunday, August 28, 2011

Horrified water damage !!!!!

Hurricane Irene hit east coast and Went up to house today to find this.......... We don't know what to do. Mold !!!?????? Leaks in basement ????? Water around fireplace. I e-mailed p.m for answers waiting to hear back more pics to follow


  1. My first thought when I saw this is someone didn't close the window tight, until I saw the water around the fireplace...there is definitely a leak somewhere or multiple places. The last picture you posted of the outside of the house showed that you didn't yet have siding...did the wrap get torn away from all the wind and allow water to get in...could also be that the wind driven rain is getting in around the edges of the wrap too. Keep us posted!!!

  2. Is the siding up yet? That could be why...
    I'm so so sorry! Keep us posted! *hugs* GL!

  3. Well went up to house and my pm is cutting out all the drywall that got wet ( the drywall guys left the windows open) and also replacing the fireplace that got wet too. They will spray for mold just in case .