Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thank you jokers I mean congress !

Well it looks like the debt ceiling will be raised so those of us who can't lock in their interest rate yet should be good to go and rates should stay low, it was a few sleepless night there for me thank god ! Also another Ryan blogger either (noey or ranter )made a good point after 8/9 when unemployment stats come out rate may drop a little more. A Lil food for thought for anyone closing anytime soon we still have another 30 days till we can lock in but I think it should be smooth sailing till then ! Thank you to all the Ryan bloggers for all your thoughts and comments last few days it kept me from going off the deep end ! Anyway our lumber is due to be dropped off next weekend so not much to report till then but they did finish the foundation and put in drain tile in basement and three piece ruff in . We have a walk out does anyone else ? So I'm wondering where the 3 piece ruff in will be in conjunction with the basement sliding glass door because they didn't ask where we want it .

Any new Ryan home bloggers ?

These blogs have realy helped me since I have found them so if there is any new Ryan home bloggers out there please leave your blog spot so I can follow . Great idea Ravenna rant !

Building with Ryan: Website for current Ryan Homes homeowners

Building with Ryan: Website for current Ryan Homes homeowners

Friday, July 29, 2011

Interest rate lock in .......

Still not able to lock in and with all this in the news about the debt ceiling I am stressed to the max ! Can't sleep at night etc . What if the rates sky rocket ? 8/2 is D-day . Still have the option to pay a 1/4 point with Nvr to lock in early but that's almost 1500.00 which we had for moving expenses . Don't know what to do? Worst part about it if they would have broke ground in May like they were suppose to ( a NVR paperwork hold up) no fault of of ours we would be locked in by now!

PM is really on top of everything

My PM is great he sends me pics every couple days and updates me what the have done and also what they are doing in upcoming days Ryan really is on the ball. I have read some reviews that are not so good on Internet sites but have not experienced anything like that myself.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Intrest rates?

I am very worried about all this in the news about the budget getting fixed by 8/2 or intrest rates will go through the roof knowing my luck they will jump from 4.37 to 9.0 and I will be sqrewed for next 30 yrs the government better work it out I pay to much in taxes already wish I could lock my rate in now but can't !

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fireplace / blower ?

I have read people adding a "blower" to there fireplace what is a blower ? Does it cost extra can you get it on Venice ? Help

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Granite /sink?

Does anyone know if you upgrade to the granite counter tops in kitchen if the put stainless steel sink liP where it goes in on top of granite or underneath ? I like the underneath, do you need a special type can you pick etc ?

Finding my own blog ?

I tried to google my blog but can't find it ? Any ideas? Thrifty Amy is the only one that pops up . Also how do you put on your blog the blogs you are following ? Help

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Did anyone negotiate the price the price of there house with Ryan ?

I hear some people have used a realtor some do not. Some negotiate price some do not, any truth to this in the P.A state or M.D or is it state by state?

Got some great news

Well it's been a tuff couple of months waiting around with them not breaking ground but Ryan has made good and I feel like they are really trying to make us happy. Let's put it this way they are giving us a Lil something back at closing I can't say how much ( they asked me not to tell anyone cuz it's not there policy ) but it well help us pay for some of the upgrades we picked out put it that way !!!!!! They did it because of the delay breaking ground and some miscommunication on there part. I did make a bit of a stink ( after 2 1/2 months of waiting round ) with nothing tho. First two months I was cool as a cucumber just chalked it up as paperwork shi* happens type thing only last two weeks I really starting calling and e mailing them everyday. Well they did right by me and also said they should be breaking ground by end of next week ! Which is really best part of all! So I feel like we are back on the right track again because our fun, exciting experience was starting to turn sour , but now it is sweet again ,sweet as pie long as they break ground by end of next week of course.... To be continued

The whole corner is our all the way down to the other houses

We paid extra for our lot

More pics of the lot cuz right now that's all I got

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Starting off on wrong foot

We were to break ground over a month ago but a hold up on paperwork has delayed us big time Ryan says it's the developer but feel like we are getting the run around