Monday, July 25, 2011

New cabinet , granite , and flooring options


  1. Not sure if you are asking for opinions or not, so here I go anyway!! Love the cherry and the light granite. We did hardwoods in the kitchen, and really didn't like the color difference between the orangey/yellow oak (gunstock?) and the cherry. Because we are getting that big island, it just seemed like a huge transition from tan/orange to dark cherry. Oh, actually, it was the other way around - we didn't like the maple cabinents with the cherry floor. THen I started wishing we would just get tile in the kitchen! So depending on what you have chosen, it might look great! But those were our hesitations with the dark / light wood combo.

  2. We went with the cherry cabinets n the gustock hardwood the upgraded hardwood was a free upgrade so we couldn't pass it up and go with tile even tho a nice tile might have set if off , but we hope the dark grain running through the gunstock hardwood will flow with the dark cherry it's so hard to tell from a 4 inch sample the other choices saddle wood I think may have been a better combo but maybe too dark then so....... We will see fingers crossed!