Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Did anyone negotiate the price the price of there house with Ryan ?

I hear some people have used a realtor some do not. Some negotiate price some do not, any truth to this in the P.A state or M.D or is it state by state?


  1. Our development is new and our lot had 4 other interested people. So we had no room for negotiating. We couldn't even add a contingency clause that our current house had to sell first because we would have lost the lot if someone else would have come in without a contingency. So we made sure we could afford it, even if our current house doesn't sell. Money will be tight and we have to dip into some savings, but it is doable. We are sooooo hoping that our current house will sell before we close on the new house.

    Our realtor pretty much told us it was a take it or leave it. Now that doesn't mean that you can't try to negotiate the price of some of the options and to see if they can throw some incentives in. However, make sure that you do all of this before you sign a contract because it is nearly impossible to negotiate anything after you sign contract.

  2. Absolutely negotiate, realtor or not. If you have a site that multiple people are interested like HW, obviously you won't be able to.

    Don't assume that incentives mean you cannot negotiate. You may not be able to negotiate as much as you would with an individual, but definately negotiate!

  3. We did. We got a good deal too. Plus we got the incentives.

    We were told this:

    Put as much into the house at contract time as you think you want. Get the "sticker" price. Then make Ryan an offer. They'll get back to you as to whether they accept it or not. If not, they # they come back with will be the final # for the house as it sits in your contract. You can change things and submit another offer if you want.

    Ryan has a certain amount of DP (direct profit) they need to/want to make. They # they come back with includes that. So they will not budge unless something changes in the contract as far as options go.

    The more you put in the house upfront, the better the discounts they can give, thus the better the offer.

  4. I was under the understanding it was RYAN wide.

  5. Agree...put as many options into your first package as possible...then negotiate based on that...not much room to negotiate after you sign the contract...each standard option has a fixed price...each custom option will get priced individually...most are reasonable...some are out of line...for example...say you want to swap out their water heater for one that is not on their list, the price they give you is usually pretty reasonable for the new one, but there won't be a credit for the original one...gotta watch out for those, but not much room to work with.