Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thank you jokers I mean congress !

Well it looks like the debt ceiling will be raised so those of us who can't lock in their interest rate yet should be good to go and rates should stay low, it was a few sleepless night there for me thank god ! Also another Ryan blogger either (noey or ranter )made a good point after 8/9 when unemployment stats come out rate may drop a little more. A Lil food for thought for anyone closing anytime soon we still have another 30 days till we can lock in but I think it should be smooth sailing till then ! Thank you to all the Ryan bloggers for all your thoughts and comments last few days it kept me from going off the deep end ! Anyway our lumber is due to be dropped off next weekend so not much to report till then but they did finish the foundation and put in drain tile in basement and three piece ruff in . We have a walk out does anyone else ? So I'm wondering where the 3 piece ruff in will be in conjunction with the basement sliding glass door because they didn't ask where we want it .


  1. Ranter I think had said that about the report. That thing does effect rates. I was told you if you follow the 10 yr bonds, you'll have a pretty good idea of what the rate will do.

    I'm so glad they go this debt thing settled. Nothing like an 11th hour save. Geesh. At least it's done now and EVERYONE can finally exhale. =)

    Lumber coming so soon? Wow. Framing goes fast my friend. Enjoy it!

  2. Once the cuts in public spending start to bite, the economy will slow still further. It may even tip into another recession. From an interest rate standpoint, this is probably a good thing because the Federal Reserve will be forced to keep rates low. They may choose to guarantee a low rate for a fixed time, or perhaps drop rates even lower, in order to stimulate growth.

    From a jobs perspective, this is awful; however, for home buyers yet to lock in an interest rate, this is probably a welcome development.

  3. Im with ya Robert!! We were a bit stressed there for a bit. Idiots....I can't stand politicians!

  4. Amen NBN!! I can't stand politicians either.