Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Got some great news

Well it's been a tuff couple of months waiting around with them not breaking ground but Ryan has made good and I feel like they are really trying to make us happy. Let's put it this way they are giving us a Lil something back at closing I can't say how much ( they asked me not to tell anyone cuz it's not there policy ) but it well help us pay for some of the upgrades we picked out put it that way !!!!!! They did it because of the delay breaking ground and some miscommunication on there part. I did make a bit of a stink ( after 2 1/2 months of waiting round ) with nothing tho. First two months I was cool as a cucumber just chalked it up as paperwork shi* happens type thing only last two weeks I really starting calling and e mailing them everyday. Well they did right by me and also said they should be breaking ground by end of next week ! Which is really best part of all! So I feel like we are back on the right track again because our fun, exciting experience was starting to turn sour , but now it is sweet again ,sweet as pie .................as long as they break ground by end of next week of course.... To be continued


  1. Welcome to the efamily. Sounds like you were off to a rocky start, but it sounds like things are working out. You lot is sooooo big, beautiful with some awesome views. We paid extra for our lot as well. It is the same size lot as all of the other lots, but our development is surrounded by conservation area and our lot is on the only lot that has the most useable land. Most of the other lots are on a hillside or is within the conservation and they are not able to use it. However, a useable lot was very important to use, since we have a 20 month old and are very hopeful to have another on the way soon.

    We look forward to following your journey...thanks for sharing.

  2. So glad things are turning around and RH did something to try and make things a little better.

  3. I'm sooo happy that Ryan stepped up and made this right! GO RYAN!! lol

    I too am looking forward to following your journey and hoping it stays sweet from here on out for you! =)