Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finding my own blog ?

I tried to google my blog but can't find it ? Any ideas? Thrifty Amy is the only one that pops up . Also how do you put on your blog the blogs you are following ? Help


  1. When you are typing up your posts there is a little box at the bottom labeled: LABELS

    Type in RYAN HOMES there. And anything else you want GOOGLE (or other search engines) to pull up when people use it.

    I don't do it to all my blog entries, but on several I have labeled them. Some of the labels I have used are:
    Ryan Homes, Milan, Elevation L, Santa Cecelia granite, antique white cabinets. So when anyone googles any of these words, my blog entry that is labeled with them will come up.

    I'm not sure about your last question.... However.....

    When you start a blog, you have the option the list the blogs you follow. It's up to the blog owner if they wish to post the list. It will automatically post the most recent posts of the blogs the blog owner follows.