Sunday, July 10, 2011

Starting off on wrong foot

We were to break ground over a month ago but a hold up on paperwork has delayed us big time Ryan says it's the developer but feel like we are getting the run around


  1.'s the developer!! Another blogger had these same issues!! I wonder if you guys are building in the same area? Believe me, Ryan wants their closing and money ASAP. lol What business wouldn't? lol

    Congrats on your home! What are you building? And congrats on the pregnancy!! I have 3 girls...2, 6, and 9. lol

    Welcome to our Ryan blogging E-neighborhood! =)

  2. Welcome to our little eFamily of Ryan Homes blogging. You will find we are always here for you. Feel free to ask questions about anything and everything, share your ideas with others(especially regarding upgrades or customizations), and enjoy the process no matter how stressful it gets.

    Congrats on having 2 daughters...we also have 2 although ours are quite a bit older(25 and almost 23)..yes..yes..yes...we are the old farts of the group.

    Noey is most likely right about it being the developer. You will find that Ryan Homes is very up front with problems and issues, or at least with most of us they have been.

  3. Thanks guys, it's been 2 and a 1/2 months !!!! We had or pre-construction mtg over a month and a half ago ! They gave us a move in date by 9/9/11 ya ok !!! No way that's happening now plus we made all our plans ( renting our house we have now) daycare , etc on that date , if they started today which they are not it would be at least some time in oct. I'm a planner I need to know what going on just feels like we are in limbo now! I know Ryan is on it but still ... It is what it is

  4. Welcome to the e-neighborhood. I hope they get the paperwork settled soon!

  5. It is strange that the developer would be the holdup at this point, but it could be that the "deed" to the lot has not yet been properly transfered to Ryan Homes or there are improvements(sewer, roads, water containment, etc) that the developer is responsible for...other then that I can't think of what else the developer could be holding things up for...ask your sales rep what kind of paperwork. I know we were held up breaking ground waiting for the building permit, but we broke ground the very next morning after it arrived.

  6. I am planner too and need to know stuff. So I understand. Don't give up hope on the 9/9 date yet. You wouldn't believe how fast they put these houses up. The have crews working from sun up to about 9 pm (LITERALLY) to get framing done. It goes up fast. After that, it's just a matter of getting the sub contractors in to do their thing and the inspectors.
    I know it seems a bit bleak, but a lot of the homes have been done before the projected closing date.

    The Venice is a beautiful home!!! And since it's under 3000 sq ft, playing catch up won't be nearly has hard (my house is under 3000 sq ft too).

    From here on out, don't set anything in stone until after your pre-drywall meeting. It's after this meeting you can set your closing date in stone, so to speak. =)

    GL!! Don't give up home yet! We broke ground 3 days late and are still on/ahead of schedule. We even moved up closing from the 27th to the 22nd. Anything is possible hon!

  7. *don't give up HOPE* Sorry about that