Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kitchen cabinets in

Went up to house today to see if we had any leaks in basement it's been raining for 3 days straight and it was bone dry so good news there but was surprised to see they have already started putting in kitchen cabinets


  1. steal them and put them up on craigslist!

  2. LOL @ General.

    I do LOVE those cabinets deary! Omgosh. Now I'm talking like I'm 80! lol I do love them though! Just wait until the counter tops in!

    I'm also very relieved to hear that you have NO basement leaks! =) Sounds like a great visit!

  3. Congrats on no leaks. We have had no leaks as well although our sump pump is definitely doing it's job...taking in water that accumulates in the basement walkout stairwell and pumping it back outside...

    You cabinets look fantastic!!! Make sure you check out the cabinets real close. We had one door with a split the entire length, one door totally broken, 2 glass front cabinets without glass, and 2 cabinets with the wrong configuration...Dings they will usually fix, but cracks or big dents they will usually reorder...but cabinet doors are not always a quick turnaround.

  4. Your kitchen looks beautiful! Can't wait to see more of your house! Very exciting! Is yours a reverse plan?